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1.0.4 testing a success so far

See for yourself!


PostBot 1.0.4 released

This release further addresses problems arising from memory limitations. It automatically scales images down when loading them into memory.

Posted images are also scaled, to a maximum size of 1024 pixels on the longest side.

If there any problems with the new version, as always, post details here, and I will certainly respond.


PostBot 1.0.2 available

This is a release to improve stability. This release addresses issues while attempting to upload large images, or many images at once.


Feedback is always welcome!

PostBot 1.0.0 released

I released PostBot 1.0.0 for Android today!

It’s my first Android app, and I’m fairly happy with it. There are many features I’d like to add, of course, but for now PostBot allows me to easily post photos from my phone to my blog for friends and family to see.

I’m very impressed with Android in general, and the SDK specifically. Not only is it completely open, and supports non-Windows developers as first-class citizens, but it is very well-executed. It seems as if my every need has been anticipated by Google.

I hope PostBot 1.0.0 is useful to people, and that it is the first of many Android application releases for me.

Feedback is always welcome!