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PostBot 1.1.1 Released

August 14, 2010

This version includes a fix to improve compatibility with the Blogger API, thanks to a patch from Keilaron.

Thanks, Keilaron!


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  1. dglp permalink

    Hi. Am currently trying to get PostBot working on Android, but it returns an error every time I try to save my blog settings: “An error occurred saving blog: HTTP status code 404 !=200”

    I’m on a self-hosted WP blog. Generally have no trouble setting up clients.

    Is this discussed anywhere? Can you interpret it for me?


    • nickthecook permalink

      Hi dglp,

      I’ve just released a new version of PostBot that includes a framework to identify common causes of problems and provide recommended solutions. I have tested with a few error scenarios, but not a 404 on the blog itself or the xmlrpc.php file. I’ll add those to the next version.

      In your case, it’s most likely that the xmlrpc.php file is not where PostBot expects it to be, which is “/”.


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