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PostBot 1.1.0 Open-sourced

July 13, 2009

PostBot 1.1.0 has been released. It is code-equivalent to PostBot 1.0.5; however, this version has been built from the new repository on Google Code, and has been released under the GNU GPLv3.

I have had several inquiries from users about the possibility of contributing to PostBot, and now this is possible.

The Google Code project is here.

I welcome contributions from the community. Please help me make this the best WordPress app in the Android Market!


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  1. Hey, thank you alot!

    It is already the best WordPress app in the Market. :)

  2. Great! I always prefer Free Software, — as I know that I can always maintain my freedom :-) And also, should I be interested, then I could always fix that one thing I need.

    Though it works quite nice for me already ;-)

  3. This is great! Your app works well and is simple to use. I have one issue atm which is when uploading images which are geotagged the data is lost. My site is mainly a geotagged photoblog. I wrote a WordPress plugin to show location where photos are taken and been able to do this from phone would be amazing.

    • nickthecook permalink

      Thanks for the info Dave; PostBot resizes images, and doesn’t take any steps to explicitly preserve image metadata, so it is likely being lost during the resize.

      I will look into it, and see if there is an easy way to copy the geotagging information to the resized image before posting.

  4. Hyndis permalink

    Where can I download postbot? :S Can’t find the download link anywhere

    • nickthecook permalink

      You can download PostBot through the Android Market application on your Android device.

      Alternatively, the source code is available at the link above, and can be built with the Android SDK.

  5. shanneton permalink

    I have a HTC Tatoo and PostBot is not visible on the market. Why ?
    Is there a way to get an apk file to download ?

    • nickthecook permalink

      Hi Shanneton,

      I’m not sure why it would not be visible! I have set PostBot to be visible in the Market in all locales, so it can’t be location.

      What version of Android is on your phone?

  6. Hey Nick,

    I’m having trouble getting started with PostBot. For some reason, it seems to be sending the wrong XML format! My server’s log says PostBot is sending this:


    …when it should be sending something like this:


    I took a brief look at the source and I’m not sure why. Maybe Java’s getting confused with all the overloaded convenience functions?

  7. nickthecook permalink

    Hi Keilaron,

    You mean the different tag structures in the XML? That is the result of the XMLRPC serialization (converting Java objects into XML), performed by android-xmlrpc.

    From packet captures of WordPress posts using various clients, I can see that WordPress will accept many different structures of XML to represent objects.

    What is the error message you receive? Is the blog in question at

    • Yes, I mean the different structure. No, I’m not using WordPress at all – I’m using S9Y, which has implementations of the Blogger API. However, according to the Blogger API from what I can tell (and S9Y), that structure being sent is not valid. Either way, my blog doesn’t support an array being sent like that :(
      It expects the three parameters, and actually gets a fatal error if they’re not present in that format (which may be an altogether different bug in the blog software, but anyway).

  8. nickthecook permalink

    While I was still working on the app I had thought about dropping the serializer, and just teaching the Blog class to generate the XML itself, since it knows all about the fields in itself and classes like Post. However, I never got around to it, as they say.

    Fortunately, PostBot is open source! Please feel free to write something up yourself and submit it!

    If you submit a patch, I will test it, and if it looks good, I will include it in the app.

    Anything that brings PostBot better Blogger API compliance is a win.

    • Bwah? Dropping the serializer seems like a bad idea; At the least it’ll make sure everything is properly formatted. You just have to send it the right data =/

      I’ll try poking at it sometime.

  9. nickthecook permalink

    A serializer may be overkill for such a limited set of simple actions, and using some string constants is easier than debugging a serializer! :)

    If you start working on it, email me, and we can talk it out.

    • Nick, I e-mailed you (I think?), but haven’t gotten a reply yet.
      In the interim, I’ve solved the issue I e-mailed you about and have figured out the problem with your usage of the serializer: A Vector does not count as Object[] but rather as Object, so it wraps what you’re sending in an array… and thus posts an array as one parameter.
      I’ll post a patch on the project soon.

  10. I posted the patch… are you looking at your issue tracker at all?

  11. nickthecook permalink

    Looks good! I’ll get that merged tomorrow, Keilaron.

    Thank you!

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