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PostBot 1.0.5

May 30, 2009

Because of complications adding tags, I decided to put out an interim 1.0.5 release after all, with horizontal image alignment.

Sorry for the wait!


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  1. I just did my first post using Postbot- really great app and looking forward to its further development.

  2. Jesper permalink

    Is there any chance that postbot (in my oppinion the best blogging app out there) would support also Drupal? I would gladly support you with an drupal site to test against and to test it for you.

    Thanks for this good application, regards Jesper

    • nickthecook permalink

      Hey Jesper,

      No plans to support Drupal at the moment. Thank you for the offer of support, though!

  3. Hi. Thank you for your work. Your app looks great, but I’m unable to post pictures. I see that the app tries to upload pictures in wp-content. It shouldn’t. Instead, you should upload them to wp-content/uploads

    wp-content should not be chmoded to 0777. Could you change this ? or if you don’t want to, perhaps can you add a field in settings to allow one to choose the upload folder.


  4. nickthecook permalink

    Hi superkikim,

    Fortunately for me, PostBot does not decide where to put your uploaded files. PostBot uploads a file, WordPress puts it where it is configured to put it, and returns a URL to PostBot that can be used to reference the file.

    If you check Options/Miscellaneous on your blog, you can configure where you want WordPress to store uploaded images.

  5. Oh Sorry :-) Thank you for the tip. I missed it. It was working find. The path must have been changed during an update.

    I that case, Postbot will just do it perfectly :-D Thank you for this great tool

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