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PostBot 1.1.0 in the works

March 1, 2009

So I went a little beyond the minor changes required for PostBot 1.0.5, and am adding support for image alignment and tags.

Coming along pretty well, just have to switch some XMLRPC calls around and do a lot of testing! Hopefully next weekend it’ll be out.

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback!


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  1. Thank you for this brilliant app!

    Will you release the source code as GPL or another free license? That would go side by side with the concept of Android and WordPress, wouldn’t it? :) Plus, of course, that might open up for people to help you improve the app and send you patches.

    Anyway… I have already started using PostBot for blogging while riding the metro. It is already a usable app, though the lack of tagging is a bit of a problem. Also, I would love being able to control the placement of images (not only the align, but also where to put it in the text flow).

    One possible solution to the image placing issue would be to insert some special keyword for including an image. Like the first occurance of !IMG will be replaced with the first image, and the next occurance of !IMG is replaced by the second and so on… Maybe not an elegant solution, but efficient, simple and most likely doable.

    • nickthecook permalink

      Hi Johan,

      I like your idea of using keywords in a post to place images. I was thinking of doing something eerily similar to this, but have not been able to find the time.

      However, now that PostBot has been open-sourced you can begin work on it!

      Let me know if you are interested in contributing. I have had a few inquiries of this nature, with some really good ideas, and I would be happy to accept patches from people like yourself.

  2. Chris permalink


    nice app and works much better than wptogo. How about adding feature to make thumbnail and image size configurable (full size)? That wont be too hard to do I imagine?
    Thanks for great app,


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