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PostBot 1.0.2 available

January 13, 2009

This is a release to improve stability. This release addresses issues while attempting to upload large images, or many images at once.


Feedback is always welcome!


From → PostBot

  1. Hi, Nick. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I tried some more test posts today. One didn’t post although the app indicated it did. The test posts are at my blog under PostBot test #4 and PostBot test #5.

    I use SnapPhoto and tried some trial shots at various sizes and compression levels. I was able to post the small, medium and large test shots individually as well as together in a separate blog post.

    It’s not foolproof, though. I get Force Closes when picking a photo. I’m trying to see if there’s a pattern. You can see future the test posts under the Techie category.

  2. Oh, and when it Force Closes while I’m picking a photo, it goes back to the list of drafts. If I try to open a draft, I again get a Force Close.

  3. nickthecook permalink

    Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on those test posts!

    So you’re using 1.0.2, and you can start the app, create a post, try to add one photo, and it crashes as soon as you pick the photo?

    What size are your photos?

    Thanks again, I find the feedback very helpful!

  4. It doesn’t always crash, but when it does it seems to be when I have just picked a photo and it’s returning to the post page. Just now, I created a post and added a medium image that was saved at 80%. I went back to add a second image and got the Force Close. Any attempt to re-open that draft results in another Force Close. At first, I thought it was photos taken at 100% quality, large, but it’s not just those. I can’t figure out what’s unique about some photos that consistently make it crash working. Should I e-mail you one of the seemingly problematic files so you can see if it crashes PostBot for you? Let me know what e-mail address to send it to. Thanks! :)

  5. nickthecook permalink

    I was looking for an easy way for you to confirm what version you’re running, but I can’t find one, other than for you to go to the Android Market and try to upgrade. Would you mind doing that? It’s very easy, and all your data will still be there after the upgrade. I really need to know if you’re running 1.0.0 or 1.0.2, since the change in the newer version was specifically to deal with this problem.

    It would definitely help to have you send me a picture that consistently causes crashes for you! You can send it to my user name here at


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