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PostBot 1.0.0 released

January 12, 2009

I released PostBot 1.0.0 for Android today!

It’s my first Android app, and I’m fairly happy with it. There are many features I’d like to add, of course, but for now PostBot allows me to easily post photos from my phone to my blog for friends and family to see.

I’m very impressed with Android in general, and the SDK specifically. Not only is it completely open, and supports non-Windows developers as first-class citizens, but it is very well-executed. It seems as if my every need has been anticipated by Google.

I hope PostBot 1.0.0 is useful to people, and that it is the first of many Android application releases for me.

Feedback is always welcome!


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  1. Great app dude. Got a quick question, figured who better than you to ask right? Maybe im just not getting the settings right.

    When the settings are like this I get this error:

    XMLRPC Path:
    Username: admin
    Password: ********

    An error occurred saving blog: HTTP status code: 404 != 204

    Its a great app, and I know when I get it working im going to use it alot.

    • nickthecook permalink


      Thanks, glad you like it!

      The xmlrpc path is relative to the URL, so you should just need “xmlrpc.php” in that field.

  2. My settings are this now

    XMLRPC Path: xmlrpc.php
    Username: admin
    Password: ********

    An error occurred saving blog:
    org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException: PI must not start with xml (position:unknown @2:5

  3. nickthecook permalink

    That’s a new one to me, but some quick googling makes me suspect that there is something about the first line of the reply from your blog that XmlPullParser doesn’t like.

    Have you made any changes to this file since installing WordPress? Have you enabled xmlrpc on your blog?

  4. I changed the file permissions to 777. I dont know how to activate it.

  5. nickthecook permalink

    Here’s what your blog is sending back:

    XML-RPC services are disabled on this blog. An admin user can enable them at

    If you can enable XML-RPC services, it should work!

  6. Ok i enable that. thanks alot. but even with that enabled im still getting the same error code.

  7. nickthecook permalink

    You, my friend, have got an interesting problem. :)

    When I send an xmlrpc request to your weblog, I see extra whitespace in the reply. There is a blank line before the xml begins. This causes the XML parser in the Android software stack to reject it as invalid.

    It looks like you’re using WordPress v2.7. I’m using an older version on my self-hosted blog, but I’ll upgrade and see if I have the same problem.

  8. Yeah I just upgraded yesterday. Thanks alot for helping.

  9. nickthecook permalink

    I have a WordPress 2.7 blog now, and I was able to add it without any difficulty.

    I can’t explain this other than to say it may have something to do with the version of PHP or Apache you are using.


  10. so should i try reinstalling word press? that seems like the only logical option now

  11. nickthecook permalink

    I’ll help you with this via email, and post the solution here if we figure it out.

    At the moment, I suspect it is the result of your OS/web server/php version that is causing the response your blog is generating to be different than most.

    For the record, I’ve tested with Ubuntu 8.10, 64- and 32-bit, with latest apache and php, and also with

  12. In regards to the error, it’s most likely related to something being echoed before the xml is being returned. Sometimes a line break before/after the causes this. There shouldn’t be anything at all before the “<?xml…”.

    BTW nice app. Maybe now I can remember to blog a bit more :P.

  13. Getting the same exact problem. Let me know if you need me to do some testing as well.

  14. nickthecook permalink

    Hey Moses,

    I would be interested to know what versions of PHP, Apache, and WordPress you are using, and what the OS is on the server. Also, let me know if you’ve modified your xmlrpc.php file.

    Thanks to dirty saint, I know that there is invalid XML being returned by some installations of WordPress, but I don’t yet know why! These installations are returning XML that contains whitespace before the XML version tag, which is technically not allowed by the XML standard.

    Your information will help me reproduce the problem, and then find a workaround.


    BTW, thanks to Jay for confirming!

  15. Hello,

    I am also having an issue getting my self-hosted WordPress blog details added and excepted.

    Here is the error message I am getting:

    An error occured saving blog:

    org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException: unexpected type (position:TEXT XML-RPC server a…@1:42 in

    I am running the latest version of WP (2.7), the XML services are enabled, and I have never made any changes the the .php file that is being referenced for this app to work.

  16. nickthecook permalink

    Wow, interesting! ;)

    This is difficult for me to debug without actually trying it myself. I know this is a lot to ask, but could you either:

    a) run a packet sniffer on your server while you attempt to add, and send me the dump, or
    b) give me an account on your blog with the lowest, most unpriveleged setting, so I can do this myself?

    Also, what plugins do you have installed?

    You’re the second person who has said they received a “unexpected type” exception, but I’ve never seen it myself, so it’s difficult to fix!


  17. I got the same error message. It seems to be caused by a plugin. I disabled all my plugins, and it works without any problems.
    I’ll reenable my plugins one by one to try to find the one that’s causing this problems.

  18. WP Security Scan 2.4 is causing the “InputStreamReader” error in my WordPress configuration.

    I disabled it and now I can upload pictures with postbot.

  19. nickthecook permalink

    Thanks, Jeroen!

    Often people experience errors that are unrelated to PostBot, and without knowing much more about their blog configuration than I usually do, it is often difficult for me to help.

    I’m very glad you tracked that one down. That should help with many of these unexplained errors!

  20. deactivating all the plugins did not resolve the issue for me :(

  21. I had the same problem and deactivating my plugins fixed it. So I went through every one and determined that it was Google XML Sitemaps that was forcing an entry and not getting along with the android app.

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